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Hydraulic cylinders, special machines, general mechanics, fine sheet metal work, laser and plasma cutting, agricultural transport equipement ...

A group of professions for a global solution



Designe and manufacture of standard and special hydraulic cylinders.


Study and manufacture of special machines, general mecanic, machining to order, prototypes, tools, custom machining


Maufacture of agrocultural tipping trailers and platform trailers.

Design of special machine for agriculture.


Fine sheet metal working, laser cutting, industrial boilers.

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Arden Hydro Services

Repair / reconstruction of hydraulic cylinders, manufacturing of flexible hoses.

Our business sectors:

  • Mining

  • Machine tool

  • Environement

  • Research

  • Aeronautical, railroad et river

  • Food-processing                           

  • Automobile

  • Steel industry

  • Public works

  • Agriculture